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    Hi, may I know how to print a report for an intranet application? I am currently working on an intranet application project. The user requires a feature to print a 'batch processing' customized report such as monthly report. Is it possible either at client side or server side?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I think you can use simple html table tags for your report format, you may use either jsp or servlets for this.
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    Thanks, S Nithyananthan. However, if the 'batch' of data consists of more than thousands records, i think it will be inefficient to generate a long html page to be sent to client. Is there any other way to do the printing such as sending the content to the printer without generating the result on the page?
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    My suggestion is to write a stand-alone program to do this print job. Schedule this on a monthly basis. HTH.
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    I have exactly the same requirement, but do not have a clue as to how to do it!
    Would ordinary result sets suit the purpose ?
    Can they handle 30-40,000 records at a time?

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    did you get a solution? actually i also trying to do something similar but i don't want to use javascript print function. If you have the answer please let me know.