JDK1.3 incompatibility with Websphere.


EJB programming & troubleshooting: JDK1.3 incompatibility with Websphere.

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    Hi all

    I am having jdk compatibility issue between a swing based java client accessing ejb's deployed in websphere.
    The client application works fine when used with the IBM JDK supplied with websphere , But when used with sun JDK the application fails(Specifically at lookup giving a service unavailable exception).Is it that we are forced to use IBM JDK for the clients.

  2. Hi,
    I have downloaded the ibmwebas_trial_nt2.zip file from www.ibm.com , installed and started WAS on my machine.When I try to access the NameServer from a desktop java application running on the same machine I get an exception that goes"UnavailableServiceException:NULL returned when resolving initial references=NameService".
    But portscanners show that the omginitialrefs service is running on port 900.
    I request you to please tell me how to get my client application access the Websphere NameServer.Are there any particular settings to be done?
    Thanks and Regards,
  3. Hi
    This is exactly the problem iam facing , but to get the application running u can change the classpath ,and path of the java installation to the java provided by IBM
    i.e located at install dir/websphere/appserver/java and then run the application. It would be great if some one can help running the application using sun JDK instead of the IBM supplied one.
  4. Hi Praveen,
    I have compiled my application code using the supplied IBM jdk .As a precautionary measure I have removed all other jdks from my system classpath. I am still getting that error.
  5. I thought about downloasing the IBM jdk, but when their survey got to questioning me on the name of my firstborn child, I hit the x on my browser window. Companies have become so nosy these days.
  6. Hmm, sorry about the lousy typing. I think you got the point though.
  7. Hi,

    Check out this web site. It has given a solution for the interoperability problem.