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Performance and scalability: Running tomcat on a multiprocessor machine

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    we want to install a Web-Portal based on the Apache-Tomcat Server on a Linux multiprocessor machine (2 processors).

    The question is: Is Sun's JDK for Linux ready for using both processors or should we better use a single processor machine? Any experiences with that topic?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  2. We run Tomcat on a four-way Siemens PRIMERGY 600 running SuSe 6.2. The 1.3.1 JVM is using native threads. It runs beautifully. Go for a multiprocessor box.
  3. HI!

    Have you tried the jdk1.4.0 with tomcat 4.02? I'm running an intranet(about 1000 users, 24x7, a lot of hits - a Call Center CRM software), and the frontend of the system is being run with Linux on a Dell 6500, with 2 processors. Using slackware 8, tomcat 4.0.1 and jdk1.3.1.
    Today I passed the day making load tests with jdk 1.4.0 and tomcat 4.0.2. It seems very promissor. It's fast, and it appears solid. If you don't plan putting you portal online soon( for the next 3 months - time for jdk 1.4.0 maturation), it's a valuable choice.