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  1. Is Web Logic Server availaible on Linux (10 messages)

    Can someone tell me if Web Logic Server is availaible on the Linux OS. If so the WebLogic version and the OS version, and if anyone has tried the same, what are the issues involved?

  2. Yes it's. I'm running Weblogic5.1 on Redhat 6.1
  3. I've been using WebLogic 4.5.1 (service pack 11) on RedHat
    Linux 6.2 without trouble, with Sun's Linux JDK (version 1.2.2) and Sun's J2EE (version 1.2.1) for Linux.

    No real trouble. If you are using a database, you might want to find a Type 4 JDBC driver (I'm using an Oracle one and it's fine), since most other types would need native Linux binaries.

    A colleague has tried the same WebLogic with RedHat 7 and
    it also worked fine.
  4. Did you use the connection pooling by using type 4 (oracle thin driver)?
  5. I used two types of drivers, both downloaded from Oracle:
    The Type 4, all Java, "thin" driver, and the
    Type 2 driver which requires a native OCI installation.
    The weblogic connection pool worked fine.
  6. I am able to connect to database useing this in Props fileweblogic.jdbc.connectionPool.oraclePool=\,\ driver=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver,\ loginDelaySecs=1,\ initialCapacity=2,\ maxCapacity=10,\ capacityIncrement=2,\ allowShrinking=true,\ shrinkPeriodMins=15,\ refreshMinutes=10,\ testTable=dual,\ props=user=ss;password=ss
    but the problem is when i get the connection from the Pool it's not getting the OracelConnection thin driver Connection,bcoz of that am not able to use the ((OracleConnection)conn).setDefaultExecuteBatch (50);and other features like ARRAY and Objects Type provided by the Oracle Driver.
    Is there a way get the Oracle connection from Pool so that i use all the Features offered by the Oracel thin Driver.
    Kindly let me Know, it's urgent

  7. Sorry, don't think so.
    Looks like Joseph Weinstein at WebLogic just answered this in weblogic.developer.interest.jdbc with "we're working on it but you can only use standard JDBC calls right now" (to paraphrase).

    It must be because to use the WebLogic connection pool, you are making calls on the WebLogic "Pool" Multitier driver, which passes the call through to the Oracle JDBC driver. While the documentation claims it does this transparently
    (, I can see how it wouldn't pass through calls available in the Oracle driver that it did not know about.

    Sorry, wish I knew a way around it and could help.
    Here's one of Joe's posts on this (hope you don't mind, Joe):
    "Scan the past posts for the reasons why we need to wrap every JDBC object we get from a pooled
     connection before giving it to your code to use. The objects we give you currently only implement standard JDBC calls
     with a few exceptions, so you can't get a handle to the underlying Oracle object, and can't cast-and-call
     Oracle-specific methods. The request to allow all the Oracle calls through our pool classes is under consideration."
  8. But I did notice that the latest WebLogic 4.5.1 Service Pack
    does address OracleCallableStatement, so I guess you could download it and get some extra Oracle driver functionality:

    "Issue 33910: This fix makes certain that the pool driver
    will implement the OracleCallable statement, so you can cast
    for it."

    Don't know about OracleConnection.
  9. Where do I finde the native (OCI) JDBC Driver for Oracle on Linux? I have a full installation of 8i EE (Client and DB), but am only able to find the thin (pure JAVA) Driver.
    I selected "Oracle JDBC Drivers" from the select box on the right, but only say Solaris and NT drivers.

    You will have to have a technet account, which, I think, is free.

    I couldn't find the driver for Linux by itself... but the README for the complete Oracle 8i for Linux download makes it sound like it's in that package.

    Hope it's in there, and hope that helps.
  11. Sorry... I see you already have the full product.