Sun announces iPlanet Application Server 6.5


News: Sun announces iPlanet Application Server 6.5

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    Sun Microsystems has announced that iPlanet Application Server 6.5, will be available in March, featuring a new, pre-built J2EE application component framework, and Web Services support. The server will also be bundled with iPlanet Message Queue, Directory Server, with tight integration with Forte 3. Suns announcement did not discuss the what API support v6.5 will have.

    Press Release
    SANTA CLARA, CA -- February 19, 2002 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced iPlanet[tm] Application Server 6.5, featuring a new application framework that provides developers prebuilt Java[tm] components based on best design practices that can be easily assembled to form the infrastructure of Java 2,Enterprise Edition (J2EE[tm]) applications up to 10 times faster than previously possible. Additional new features in iPlanet Application Server 6.5 will enable developers to expose business processes as Web services, enhance services on demand support through tight integration with Sun's Forte[tm] for Java[tm] integrated development environment (IDE), and offer developers a broad range of new tools and resources for services on demand development. With these enhancements, Sun continues to build upon its world-class iPlanet Application Server and now offers developers at all levels of expertise the ability to rapidly create sophisticated enterprise applications that fully leverage the robust capabilities of the J2EE platform.

    "The reliability and scalability of iPlanet Application Server, combined with the new functionality provided in the iPlanet Application Framework, has helped CB Richard Ellis build and deploy new applications and services at a rapid pace," said Gerrit Borg, Director of Application Support of CB Richard Ellis. "Sun's dedication to open-standards and technology innovation helps us maintain our position as a world leading real-estate services company and continue providing our clients with a level of service that exceeds their expectations."

    Proven Technology Dramatically Shortens Development Time
    The new standards-based iPlanet Application Framework, included at no charge with iPlanet Application Server 6.5, provides a prebuilt J2EE foundation that shortens application assembly and deployment time by eliminating the need to recreate the underlying infrastructure for new JSP[tm] and servlet-based applications. The iPlanet Application Framework is a proven, multiplatform development environment that has been broadly available through an early access program and has already been successfully implemented in more than 30 mission-critical deployments. Early access customer feedback and internal testing show that development time can be reduced by nearly 100 percent. For example, a sample e-commerce application, which originally required more than 11,000 lines of code, was completed in 750 lines during internal testing using the iPlanet Application Framework.

    "Sun is committed to supporting the more than 3 million Java platform developers around the world in their quest to develop the innovative solutions that will drive the next generation of computing," said Stuart Wells, vice president of iPlanet products at Sun. "The introduction of iPlanet Application Server 6.5 and the integrated iPlanet Application Framework provides an optimal combination of products, programs and support to enable developers at all levels to fully embrace the power of Java technology for the delivery of services on demand."

    Enhanced Web Services Functionality/Developer Support Increases Productivity
    iPlanet Application Server 6.5 now includes enhanced Web services capabilities that allow developers to expose business processes as Web services. This new functionality combined with the Forte for Java IDE provides developers and business analysts an end-to-end development solution that leverages existing applications to enable the construction of composite-based Web services that can be easily adapted to changing business requirements. Additional Web services functionality and developer support includes:

    Integration of iPlanet[tm] Message Queue for Java[tm] -- iPlanet Application Server 6.5 now includes the iPlanet Message Queue, a robust implementation of the Java Messaging Service (JMS) specification and Message Driven Bean (MDB) development support. The integration of the iPlanet Message Queue, coupled with new developer support for message-driven beans, allows developers to more easily develop and deploy loosely coupled Web services that ensure guaranteed delivery and high performance through the standards-based JMS asynchronous messaging protocol.

    New Developer Resources -- New developer resources now available include sample applications focused on iPlanet Application Server 6.5 interoperability with Web services, CORBA, JMS and Struts, which contain prebuilt code to enable developers to build new applications more quickly.

    Developer Training -- iPlanet Application Server 6.5 will also be packaged with a complete Web-based training module to speed developer learning and productivity. Additionally, iPlanet is offering new user groups and a Web-based community forum, both designed to help iPlanet Application Server users exchange best practices and enhance individual developer skill sets.

    Tight integration with Forte for Java IDE -- Allows developers to easily create applications that can be automatically deployed from the development environment to the iPlanet Application Server and easily tested and debugged for the iPlanet runtime environment. Tight integration between iPlanet Application Server and Forte for Java technology enables developers to rapidly create applications that leverage the iPlanet Application Framework.
    "iRise uses iPlanet Application Server with the iPlanet Application Framework to rapidly develop new applications and migrate existing applications for Fortune 1000 companies, like Motorola and CB Richard Ellis," said Jacques Marine, COO & Managing Director of Consulting at iRise, a software implementation company with more than 6 years experience using iPlanet technologies and products. Using the iPlanet Application Framework has helped us improve the quality and productivity of migrations by as much as 400 percent while increasing the scalability, reliability and maintainability of our customers"

    The iPlanet Application Server, a core component of the Sun[tm] Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) is a robust J2EE compliant platform for the development, deployment, and management of application services. The product includes JavaServer Pages[tm] (JSP[tm]), servlet, EJB[tm] architecture and an integrated transaction monitor for managing distributed transactions. Business process automation services and connectivity to enterprise applications are also provided through an integration framework that enables developers to retrieve data and business logic out of SAP and other back-end systems without having to leave the Java technology environment. More information on the iPlanet Application Server is available at

    Pricing and Availability
    iPlanet Application Server, Enterprise Edition 6.5 will be available on or about March 18, 2002 for $19,995 per CPU. iPlanet Application Server 6.5 ships with iPlanet Application Framework, iPlanet Web Server, iPlanet Directory Server, and an evaluation license of Forte For Java 3.0. The iPlanet Application Framework is also available separately and can now be downloaded for free at Pricing subject to change.

    About Sun ONE
    Sun[tm] Open Net Environment, the integration of Sun's award-winning portfolio of software products, is Sun's vision, architecture, platform, and expertise that enables the development and delivery of services on demand. Through its open, integrateable architecture, Sun ONE extends current enterprise systems to help reduce costs and complexity while improving organizations' return on assets. More information on Sun ONE is available on

    About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision -- "The Network Is The Computer[tm]" -- has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that power the Internet and allow companies worldwide to take their businesses to the nth. Sun can be found in more than 170 countries and on the World Wide Web at

  2. who cares??? iPlanet is DOA as far as I can tell!
  3. DOA? I doubt it. It has improved a lot with SP releases and SUN is now backing it quite heavily. I wouldn't be surprised if 6.5 is a good product. It doesn't hurt that it may be released with Solaris at some point either.

  4.  I think the only way to make me using iPlanet would be to re-code it. My experience is so bad I never choose iPlanet, it´s too much big for making nothing better than the others.

      I had problems with the deployments, the clients outside iPlanet, the installation,... and so on...


  5. And the article doesnt talk about servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 and CMP 2.0.
  6. I am in total agreement with you Jose. Anyone who has worked on this product before will be extremely scared to touch it again. I hate to bash sun products but this was one of the worst products that I have worked on. iPLanet app server can only be salvaged if it is rewritten (IMHO) and if the 6.5 is not a rewrite, I would not touch it.

  7. 7.0 is a total rewrite of the whole app, with pretty much no code from the 6 codebase and as far as I know no code from the NAS codebase.
    So, there's some hope for it - but to even attract people back it probably would still have to be better than its competitors (IBM/BEA).
  8. Vlad,
    How "official" is this "total rewrite"? We would like to steer our clients away from ias 6 (we ported our app over to ias6 a couple of months back) if this is the case because ias is buggy and a pain to work with (e.g. ldap, deployment tool, i18n support, etc.).
  9. Duc,
    I have it from iPlanet people - I don't know whether they will put it in an official press release though.
    One of the things they mentioned was that at the time of release, they would like to release ECPerf as well (which I think they don't dare with 6).
    I think if your clients want to go with Sun (for whatever reasons), if they can afford to wait till 7, it would be better.
    As I said, I think that if 7 is "just" good, then iPlanet (app server) is dead - they have so much badwill that they have to be better than their opposition to even statr negating it. Of course, they can go and buy ATG or do something like that :).
  10. A new article revealed the truth:

    The new release, however, is not yet a full J2EE 1.3-certified server; an iPlanet server supporting the full range of capabilities of the latest J2EE platform will come in a later release. In addition, the new iPlanet release does not include all the capabilities of the so-called Java JAX Pack, which brings a full range of XML capabilities to the Java platform. That too is planned for a future release.

  11. I too have had the pleasure (ha!) of working with iPlanet. I worked with someone who had worked in Netscape Professional Services for several years and it took him 3 weeks to get it working on a Windows platform with the project code.

    My fondest memory of iPlanet products was the LDAP server that crashed after it tried to malloc 2 GB of memory.

    Even a Sun employee once told me that "Sun can't write software."

    The J2EE market is too competative to accept a product line that is half-baked. Sun should evaluate the situation and decide whether to go full force or pull out.
  12. Gary,
    I don't agree with the statement that Sun can't write software.
    I have used some of the softwares created by Sun and I have found them much better than the competetion. Examples include the world's leading Operatinng System - Solaris, The Java Development Kit. Sun created stuff like NFS have become de-facto Industry standards.
    I am writing this because I am fan of Sun. I have full faith in this company. More so because its leading the battle against Micro****.
    As far as iPlanet Application Server is concerned, I have been using this product and I agree that the earlier 6.x versions really sucked. I have recently tried 6.5 and found it to be much better. This might be because its the first release after Sun completely acquired iPlanet(am i right?).
    And I am quite hopeful that the future releases should come upto the Sun standard.

    - A geek
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