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    Now a days, online identity and security has become major topic of discussion and concern
    There is a website like yodlee which does content management and data aggregation storing
    identity of the users on their machines. How secure is our identity knowing the network
    loopholes , vast hacker community and user skeptisism of giving away their information.

    To solve this problem, I have an idea. I call it xJesktop.
    xJsesktop is a desktop application which would sit on user desktop machines
    (linux, windows, etc.,) It comprises of a user friendly GUI through which websites
    connected to users can be configured one time or as and when users requires.

    xJsektop, when launched would
    1.Read the configuration database/file.
    2.Connect to various websites.
    3.Authenticate using userid and password on behalf of the user.
    4.Provide a user friendly view of all the relevant information from various websites.

    This way, all the identity information is stored on induvidual computer and not on some
    remote alien server.

    This is a potential open source project. I am not aware of something of this kind,
     if there are, then let me know the links.

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    How does it hook your browser into the sessions it has created on the web servers?

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    We might have to handle browser specific issues within the GUI., like cookies or url sessions etc.,
    I know how this was handled in one of the largest online store. onel the relative url is tored and target url was constructed dynamically.

    thanks for your interests