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    I have been trying various combinations of testing Web Services , some times trying to use WSDL approach , some-times the Soap approach , playing with Axis , Tomcat etc.

    I was able to run a hello world kind of a sample using .jws on tomcat that took an input argument and returned a concatanated string based on the argument, but executing a sample using a wsdl has so far eluded me.

    Does some-one know of a good site etc. , which walks through the process of publishing a Web Service which could be either on a app server or a public domain like ibm/microsoft , and then allows one to test a sample client.



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    You can try these two sites
    http://www.themindelectric.com --> Try out the GLUE link.
    http://www.xmethods.com --> This one has client code examples and services hosted

    Hope this helps.
    Sunil .K
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    Thanks a lot for pointing me to the urls.....

    I'll give them a shot....


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    The samples at XMethods do work....

    Thanks a lot !!!!