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    I am in the process of developing a Web-based application and have some general questions.

    From the majority of Posts it appears as though either Websphere or WebLogic (predominately WebLogic though) JAS are being used.

    Has anyone attempted to use the J2EE container supplied with the j2sdkee1.2.x distribution? If only for developmental purposes?

    Where is a good resource for finding detailed information out regarding deployment and settings that need to be configured (generally) for this type of deployment, regardless of the Container?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The j2sdk1.2.1 J2EE container is sun's reference implementation(RI)of J2EE product. Sun website has a lot J2EE deployment guide using the reference implementation.

    RI is excellent for educating J2EE programmers. But it does not seem to target at being a real commericial product. In the source code of RI, there are a lot of optimizations to do.
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    you can get j2ee injava.sun.com\j2ee.moreover j2ee is a new product launched in 2000 only.it applies entirely diff to weblogic to get same result.in weblogic u have to write dd
    which can be changed through wizard.in j2ee firs wizard is filled and on that acc xml dd is gen auto.also jar file is gen auto.j2ee is a super product with high promises.also the classpsth settlement is minimal.