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    By now everyone know about the infamous discussions on the post discussing "J2EE programmers Survival Guide during Job Crunch"

    There are more than 500 posts now. And I work on a slow connection. It takes about 5-9 minuits to load up the entire page.

    Any one at TSS know about how to implement a page scoller so the 500 posts could be broken into 10 pages of 50 posts each ???????

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    Interesting suggestion. I will probably include this in the new version of TSS. We already have the same code done for thread listings so it should be easy to do.

    Thanks! Keep 'em coming folks, I'm listening :-)


  3. Maybe i good idea is to use the page-by-page iterator pattern. There is an example in the java pet store.
  4. Let's use the 80/20 rule here. I think that iterators should be something that a user has to specifically enable. Since most threads are < 100 posts, I prefer to see the entire listing in one page. I would want to specifically ask to see a page in an iterator fashion. Perhaps this is a personalization feature that users can configure.