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    hi all

    Actually i am assigned the job of developing a web application which requires a lot of database interactions, queries at a strech. It also has a lot of transactions, which should be foolproof..My application also requires security, speed and efficiency...

    Now given all the above mentioned my major concern is to design, artchitect the application and also develop it on my own..I now wanna decide on technological part of it first.. i mean wat technologies using J2EE should i use with reasons to use them.

    I 've already done a few applications using Jsp, servelts, jdbc, javascript etc..but have idea about EJB, JMS, javamail, xml...but am nt sure as to for wat i need EJBs, xml etc...if i use ejbs i may be needing some open source application server nt something which is very expansive..

    I also wanna decide upon some i've used mysql on linux..but've heard about others asd well like prostgre sql etc..I also think that stored procedures should be a wise thing to use but 've never used them in a web application n wanna know ur comments on it.

    so in a nut shell..Since there r hundreds of things floating in front of me, I wanna know wat should i use any why if possible in detail...

    Ur help would make me learn n would in turn be used to help others also...


  2. Sukhbir,

    since u have already extensively worked on servlets/jsp jdbc it shoudnt me too difficult to adapt other J2EE technologies.

    EJB basically will help you encapsulate and componentize your business logic, which you were probably putting it up in servlest or jsp's. if you have lot of common business logic its a good idea to put them into Sateless/stateful session bean. sateless is recommended over stateful but it depends on your application.

    You mentioned you have loads of database interactions/queries. all this data being sought frequently is a good candidate for encapulating in entity beans, since they ensure that the data is cached.
    You also talked about many transactions in your application they again can be encapsulated in entity beans and then using a session facade on top of them. but again it entirely depends on the kind of application you have and how heavy your transactions are. cause transaction enabled entity beans can choke up your system

    and you might wanna use JMS when you have asynchronous operations needed by your application.

    You might wanna be careful using all these technologies. use not only when u think u need them and not adopt things just blind folded. wisdom says any decision shud be made based on the application u r developing.
  3. Dear kapil,,

    Thank you very much for ur kind suggestions. I regard and appreciate ur suggestions cordially..

    Dear do u know any resorces on the web which can really help me architect/design the application..If u do 've kindly send me the links.. though i 've been going through j2ee blue prints and a book named java server programming from wrox pub..but still i think it is taking time which is really short. :-) anyways my email address is :

    sukss at hotmail dot com

    thanks & regards