how to monitor a server ? UP or DOWN ?????


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  1. how to monitor a server ? UP or DOWN ????? (7 messages)

    Hi, could you please show me how to monitor a server from an IP address, I want to monitor four webservers constantly, so I can see if they are up or down, please your help is appreciated
  2. I have just released the first version of JNM (Java Network Monitor) at which currently supports monitoring of HTTP URLs, including those which require basic authentication.

    In addition there are other open source options such as MARS (from Altera) as well as commerical options as well such as What's Up Gold.
  3. Hi, thanks it looks like what I am looking for, is there any doc, because I run it but they are different colors for the "state" could you please explain what "OK" and what "Timeout".
  4. There are currently no docs as this is the very first release, and an alpha one at that. The display is quite simple to understand though: OK means that a valid response was received (valid means that it matches the regular expression defined in the monitor configuration). Timeout means that the request to the server timed out. The default timeout is 30 seconds, but that can be configured in the monitor configuration as well. If you see "Down" then that means a response was received but it did not match the expected results. You might also see "Error" which means that a Java exception occured (for whatever reason).

    I will be enhancing this app quite a bit over the next few months so stay tuned. The next step (which I am already working on) is support for triggered actions depending on the state. Actions will be able to do things like send an email, execute a different URL, log the error, etc.

    Anthony Eden
  5. thanks,
    1)could you please give me an example of regular expression to define in the monitor configuration.
    2)How about the username and password authentications ?
  6. 1.) For example:

    200 OK

    This would match if the HTTP response code came back as 200 OK. You can essentially write any Perl 5 regular expression.

    2.) Only if it uses Basic Authentication. This can be setup when you configure the monitor. If you need something more powerful that can handle multiple pages, then check out Unfortunately the LogiMonitor component is way out of date and will not work with the tests from the current CVS build.

    Anthony Eden
  7. Hi, it's me again, I took a look to the code :
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.log.Logger;
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.log.LogManager;
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.util.XArrayList;
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.util.IOUtilities;
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.config.Configuration;
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.config.Dom4jConfiguration;
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.config.MutableConfiguration;
    import com.anthonyeden.lib.config.ConfigurationException;

    but in com\anthonyeden\ there is no directory called lib ?
  8. All of that code comes from EdenLib. You can see it at It is a collection of code which I use throughout all of my open source projects.

    Anthony Eden