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    Has there been a comparision about these two, a la Ed & Rickard's J2EE vs. MS DNA/MTS articles?

    imo, MS is coming out with a good strategy after numerous false starts. I would be interested in hearing others' thoughts on these.

    (Don't know if this is the right forum, but then none seemed appropriate.)



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    I have heard some people say that for scalability and round the clock performance, Microsoft doesn't hold up. I would like to hear from people who have built projects using Microsoft technologies in the middle tier and to find out what they encountered.

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    Here is Marco Boerries, Sun’s vice president and general manager of Web-top and application software, on .NET:

    The fourth para. Not much info here, but at least something...

    I'm surprised at the lack of comments here. Is our Java community not watching their back? Or is .NET not good enough?

    Am trying to find some links if I can.

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    Check http://java.oreilly.com/news/farley_0800.html
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    Might Be of interest - J2EE vs M$ .NET