I am writing a sql query & would like to group the result set.

My query
select column_name, column_value, fc.form_session_id, fa.column_id from frmbasea.column_attribute fa, frmbasea.column_data fc where fa.column_id=fc.column_id and fa.form_id=444 and fc.form_session_id in (select fs.form_session_id from frmbasea.form_session fs where DATE(fs.create_date)= CURRENT DATE and form_id = 444) order by form_session_id, column_id.

In the above query I would like to group the result set by form_session_id and by column_id.

My idea is to get as an array from the sql query & use it in the application.

My database server is udb 6.1 onsun solaris & app server is IBM Web Sphere.