Developing a J2EE base application without EJB nor J2EE server


General J2EE: Developing a J2EE base application without EJB nor J2EE server

  1. Hi all,

    I'm new to Java and J2EE world, I would like to develop a
    J2EE based application without using EJB/J2EE server/Web/JSP.

    This choice is made with the main constraint of cost, and the type of application and want to develop (no Internet/Intranet needs ...)

    So I will use UML, Java/Swing/RMI for the client side, and Java/RMI/JDBC for the server, the database should be Oracle/Sybase/Mysql.

    Is there anyone who have informations about this style of development, where I can find books. The difficulty is that all the books I have found always speak about EJBs.
  2. Francois
    Slight problem here. What you are asking is impossible. You can't develop a J2EE based application without an Application Server (J2EE Server is your description). J2EE = Container = App Server.

    Why don't you just use a free appserver (JBOSS for example). You can then develop as you want i.e without EJB or JSP. However, I can't imagine why, having access to all the J2EE good stuff, you wouldn't want to use it though!

    Maybe you should take a look at JINI. This is a way of writing networked applications without J2EE.
  3. Many thanks for this answer.

    When I started thinking about my project, I thought it could be nice to use EJBs, but when I discovered the price of J2EE APP Servers (weblogic/websphere), I realized it could be too expensive for my customers (future customers !!!).

    I was thinking of using Java/RMI/JDBC but don't know how to manage transactions (perhaps distributed transactions) for example.

    I think reading your answer that JBoss can help me in this way, so I will read more about JBoss in the next weeks.

    Do you have references of books on J2EE which are not EJB oriented ?
  4. You're going to have trouble finding books on J2EE that are not EJB oriented. This is like trying to find books on cooking that are not FOOD oriented. It's not going to happen.

    The beauty of J2EE is that you don't need to worry too much about distributed transactions this is a deploy time issue.

    Download a copy of JBoss and enjoy.

    Glad to have been of help.