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    Does anyone know of any visual jsp/html editing tools that do not have there own custom data access beans? I've already written my servlets and data access beans so I don't have the need for another solution. Dreamweaver Ultradev comes close but their solution is still dependent on their code. Help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Not sure Jeff.. have you evaluated Macromedia Drumbeat 2000 JSP?
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    I've looked at Drumbeat - an interesting concept but I don't think it's quite "there" yet. Also, it seems like an attempt to make something that is necessarilly quite technical and make it way too "cookie cutter". Still, an interesting idea

    For now, we've settled with Macromedia Dreamweaver, and customised it to handle JSP tags, pages etc. Dreamweaver has great extensibility!

    Anyone else using anything other than Notepad to create JSP?
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    try alliare homesite 4.5
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    Forte for Java is a good editing/debugging tool for me.
    I also had a look on a preview of Webgain Studio which will be perfect (except the price).
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    What about Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev?