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    Recently I used my spiffy tool TogetherControlCenter to fix collections usage throughout the code. I made attributes be of type Set where they were HashSet before. I made HashMap objects into Map objects and I made TreeSet objects into SortedSet objects and LinkedList objects into List objects.

    I changed it so that the actual class types are only used in instantiation. These changes happened throughout our data model, the object representation of our database, and then I ran it through java2iiop and BOOOM.

    I kept gettign errors claiming that I was missing a class and possibly had a classpath problem. I traced this back to a method that returns one of our data model objects. All of them are marked as serializable, because basically their base classes are serializable.

    So, what gives ? Anyone know? Can I not use the Collection interfaces in this manner ?
  2. Aren't the classes you changed the references to interfaces? Or even abstract classes?

    I can't remember for sure, and it's a LONG time since I did anything with CORBA, but I seem to recall problems with one of these two types.

    Take a look into that to see if you can spot a common thread.