Hard Core Tech Talk with Anne Thomas Manes Posted on TSS


News: Hard Core Tech Talk with Anne Thomas Manes Posted on TSS

  1. A new Hard Core Tech Talk Interview with Anne Thomas Manes, Chief Technology Officer and Web Services expert at Systinet, has been posted on TheServerSide. Anne formerly worked at Sun where she architected Sun's Sun One strategy. In this interview, Anne talks about the maturity of Web Services today, how J2EE developers can architect a Web Services system, the relationship between UDDI and EBXML, and the next step in the evolution of Web Services.

    Watch Anne Thomas' Interview here

    Note: Anne was still an employee with Sun at the time of this interview (last summer).
  2. It goes beyond a comment that Web Services is one of the complementary changes in our overall computing architecture for business integration, sure to have a critical impact over next 5 to 10 years. The evolution and maturity of the associated standards along with proven industry acceptance and the success stories will influence major policy decisions and philosophy augmented with any project initiation. But we aren't there yet. The Web Services, as a concept, will take shorter span to be accepted as means to implement business integration; though the development tools and deployment strategies will continue to go through the maturity cycle all along.

    I concur with Anne in qualifying web services as means to an end and not an end to itself. There shall always remain a broad arena for debate on info-share, concerns related to security and related aspects. I recollect issues with one of the B2B applications I worked on wherein the producer of information demanded multiple ways to present the same based on the target consumers, who each were given different sets of access authorizations. This required the differentiation between the "actual data" that the in-house applications will work on, and the "data after metamorphosis" tailor made for presentation to consumers. This does portray some overhead in terms of generating and maintaining separate representation of the same information but the advantages far outweigh the overhead.

    I stay eager to learn the intricacies of web services design process and the implementation approaches and am sure that SS shall be resourceful in this regard.

    - Axoy