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    In a BMP is it always required that we code for managing transactions ? If answer for the above question is yes ,continue... Iam using a IBM WebSphere App server. I write code for transactions in my BMP .I try to deploy my BMP.The WebSphere jetace tool gives me an option to specify the transaction needed.It gives me a combo box with all the transactions listed( TX_REQUIRED,TX_SUPPORTED...etc,etc..). Why should the tool give me an option like this ? My BMP should not allow any transaction other than TX_BEAN_MANAGED .
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    Bean managed means that bean manages it's own persistence.

    For transaction management you can rely on container, just like all other bean types.
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    Entity beans are not allowed to have BEAN MANAGED TRANSACTION. This transaction attribute is possible only for a session bean. Read the design pattern - session bean wrapping entity bean.

    Ajay Amrite