SUN’s exclusion of JBOSS and Jakarta and its efforts to boast revenues by peddling the training and certifications indicates a clear shift in SUN’s strategy from how SUN viewed the software business not too long ago. This makes one wonder if after all the criticism of Microsoft, Sun is heading in a similar direction on the software front....

Following excerpts are from the coverage of Scott McNealy and Steve Ballamer interviews at the Gartner 2000 IT Expo.

In response to questions about Sun's increasing moves into software, McNealy said, "Software's a feature, not an industry. I have a million lines of code in my cell phone. There are hundreds of microprocessors in a car today. When was the last time you bought left blinker software?" he joked. Addressing the IT audience, he said, "You all want a system that is seamless, is secure and is integrated all the way back to the SPARC."

Addressing McNealy's assertion that "software is a feature, not an industry," Ballmer said, "That, my friend, is why you want to steer clear of Sun. It's software that lets you build scaleable Web sites. When people benefit from PowerPoint or e-mail, it's software that enables it. EMC -- a hardware company -- boasted that 75 percent of its engineering is in software. Sun just doesn't get it. That's just a crazy thing to say."