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General J2EE: Transactional DataSource in Weblogic5.1

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    Is it possible to create Transactional DataSource in Weblogic5.1? If the answer is "No" then is there any way to perform Distributed Transactions in Weblogic5.1?
  2. No problem, if your db pool is set up with the name: fooPool

    and you want to publish one transaction pool named fooDS
    and another that IS transactional named txFooDS

    you would use this in the file

  3. Of course, the weblogic.jdbc.TXDataSource.fooDS=fooPool line is the only one you need (the other one sets up a non transactional data source). However, you should realize that this will only work for transactions against a single resource since 5.1 does not have support for XA transactions.