Where's the JBoss EJB Deploy Tool?


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    According to the JBoss documentation, JBoss is supposed to come with an XML editor which you are supposed to use to create the JBoss EJB deployment descriptor (META-INF/jboss.xml):

    “The EJX editor is bundled with jBoss, and can be started by executing the /bin/ejx.jar executable JAR-file.”

    However, I can't find the tool anywhere in the JBoss 2.4 or 3.0 distributions. Can anyone tell me how to acquire this tool?


  2. I agree. That JBoss product is just thrown out there with antiquated and inaccurate doc.s. I tried looking through the other doc.s and they are just incorrect. That file does not exist. Perhaps they are trying to force everyone to buy the doc.s as a way of making money?
  3. http://main.jboss.org/thread.jsp?forum=47&thread=4066&message=280402&q=ejx#280402

    HTH, Enrique.