Where is properties http.proxyHost documented in 1.3


General J2EE: Where is properties http.proxyHost documented in 1.3

  1. Where is the system properties http.proxyHost=proxyhost and http.proxyPort=portnumber documented in the JavaDoc for 1.3? I can find it in 1.4 but not the documentatin for 1.3. When I do a search (http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/search.html) in 1.3 I can find references to the properties but not the definitions.

    Check out the following link that refers to the property in 1.3 but does not define it.


    The following link defines the properties for 1.4, I need the same thing for 1.3.

  2. Not sure, but I do know that it's there and it works.

    We're using that on a project I work on and it works great.

    However, be careful, as this will apply to EVERY http connection you make. You cannot proxy for some hosts and not for others with these properties (at least, as far as I am aware.)

    This can sometimes give you problems when you are accessing some internal and some external systems.

    For more flexibility, try HTTPClient which allows you to specify authorization, proxies etc etc on a domain / host basis. It also has https support (which you need 1.4 to get with straight Java.)



  3. Thanks for the extra info.