VC++ front end communicating with EJB backend via SOAP


XML & Web services: VC++ front end communicating with EJB backend via SOAP

  1. Is it possible to have a VC++/.NET front end application that communicates to an EJB business logic layer via SOAP messages/layers?? If the logic layer only returns and accepts SOAP , it should be do-able, correct? Any issues, points, pitfalls e.t.c.??

  2. Look at

    This should help you. A sample is included.
  3. If you do want to program such an application, make sure your soap messages are very well defined and are sent in 'big' chunks. You don't want to be sending little instructions back and forth across the wire. If you something done, make sure you send a message with all the instructions at once, let the java application on the other end do its thing, figure out what went right and what went wrong, and then send that back to the c++ application. Not only does it make things faster, but there is less protocol that you have to write figuring out all the different errors that can come along. The reason I say this is because a typical java to java application might use rmi or something similar and its uncommon to be passing requests back and forth on the wire many times without actually completing a single transaction. When using SOAP to interop, you can't program like this. I hope this has been a good headsup/best practice for you to use.
  4. We're currently doing this, it is definitely possible. Hopefully with .Net it will get even easier since MS is pledging web service interop.