How to connect the Java Web Server with the JSDK? "URGENT"


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: How to connect the Java Web Server with the JSDK? "URGENT"

  1. I already install Java Web Server and it can be run.. I also instll J2 SDK.. so when i try to write the jsp code and save it under jsp extension and i did save it under the folder that the JWS want. But i cannot see the result. i only see the html code. so Can someone there help me whether what configuration i need to do to connect the JWS and the JSDK ? The main thing is i run my JWS in window 98. Do window 98 support JSP?
    Can i anyone answer me,please? Urgent!!!
  2. My experience is that you don't need jsdk if you are using Java Web Server from Sun. What version are you using? Don't know if JWS runs under win98. Try NT first. If you still cannot get it done, why not try tomcat from Apache? It supports Servlet ans JSP very well. JWS doesn't perform well.
  3. yeh jsp with jsdk2.1 will not work yar on win98
  4. sorry for above reply it was mistake of me it was suddenly submited by me.

    Yeh sure jsp with jsdk2.1 will work yar on win98