IS the size of ear matter?


Performance and scalability: IS the size of ear matter?

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    Hi all,
     we are developing a big application on J2ee. The size of ear is nearly say 20 MB.
      The Problem is some times when 20 concurrent users are accessing the application , then my server is hanging Up.
    But when we tested with the testing tools even it is fine for 500 users.

    Pls let me the reasons for this cause.
    Is it application server problem or OS problem or any other problem.
    we are using linux 7.2 as OS
    Its very argent

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    It is impossible to give a definite answer without knowing your application better, but the size of EAR itself should not be the cause of your scalability problems. After all, the classes themselves are only loaded once per container, not once per session.

    Is the database connection-pool big enough? What do your testing tools do and how does that differ from your application? What EJB-container are you using? How much memory do you have available?

    I can't really help you, but I can say that the size of the EAR is not really your main concern. You need to look somewhere else.