Calling a Java (Apache Soap) WebService from .NET Webservice


XML & Web services: Calling a Java (Apache Soap) WebService from .NET Webservice

  1. Hi,
          I hosted java (Apache SOAP 2.2) webservice on TOMCAT
    server. I generated WSDL file from java Webservice using
    IBM toolkit (WSTK).
          Calling JAVA webservice from ASP client or VBS
    client is not a problem since WSDL file is enough for that.
          But I want to call methods of that JAVA web service
    service from a .NET Web Service written in C#. I need to
    generate the proxy class in C# for that. Can anybody tell me how to create a proxy for JAVA web service?
          When I try to add webreference in my .NET Webreference for the service hosted on TOMCAT server, it gives erro and does not produces any proxy client.
         Any help on this problem will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Gopal Gupta

  2. Yep, in the "Add Web Reference" dialog type in the path to the WSDL file and away you go.