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    I wrote a custom classloader to dynamically load classes
    present in a certain directory( *not* present in the CLASSPATH). ( So that I need not restart AppServer, everytime I add a new class)

    I am able to succefully load a class( say A.class), *BUT* when that class(A.class) uses other classes(B.class) present in that directory, then it is reporting classnotfound exception.

    I believe A.class is delegating the the work of finding B.class to the parent classloader instead of the "custom classloader".

    Is there any method, by which you can force a class to use the custom classloader or anything like that. Can anyone pls advise/suggest me what whould be a right approach


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    In the Class Object there is a method.

    public static Class forName(String name,
                                boolean initialize,
                                ClassLoader loader)
                         throws ClassNotFoundException
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    Try to load B.class using the same classloader since
    the same class loaded by different classloader is treated
    as two different classes.
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    I have no control over A.class and B.class. A.class uses B.class.