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  1. help me start a project using struts ? (1 messages)

    I have a project ,
    show all the PC informations of our company for example :
    IP, user_name, machine, jack#, memory, PC_Name

    the first page should show :
    1) on the top left a drop down list called by user, it load all the users from the database to that list, and the first item of this list is "ALL"
    2)on the top right the samething with IP addresses

    3) in the center shows only teen rows, whith the possibility to sort them by clicking the name of the field,
    and at the end of each row there are two links Delete and Modify.

    4)in the bottoms two links Previous and Next, and a link "ADD"

    Please help me on how to develope this project using struts, this is my first time with struts.

    Your help is appreciated.
  2. I suggest you start by reading the beta Struts chapters available for download from here at:

    Also, read everything at