Connecting to SQL Server database problem


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Connecting to SQL Server database problem

  1. Hi

    Im wondering if anyone can help, I'm attempting to develop a CMP Entity Bean that connects to an SQL Server database using an SQL Server Driver. I am using JRun as the server and Ant to compile the EJB source code I write.

    The problem is when I type in standalone, I get the following error, followed by a pile of other errors that seem to be caused due the failure to connect to the source database.

    The error is: "Warning: Server connection pool failed to connect to DataSource named source1"

    If anyone has any suggestion on how to get over this problem or could tell me how its been caused I would be very thankfull.

  2. Hi
    U may have misconfigured the following things
    . Either the correct Database name may not be there
    . The correct Pool registered in the properties is not
    Try first connecting with weblogic Default Connection pool
    if this works then ur connection pool is not configured
    . U can configure this from WLIconsole.
    Swapnil S
  3. Hi

    Thanks for your help, I think I do have it configured wrong somehow, but am not using web logic. The system I am using is JRun as my application Server, SQL Server 2000, the Microsoft SQL Server for JDBC and just hand coding the EJBs with TextPad.

    Have used the mysql driver beforehand to connect to a mysql database .... and it was OK, but using the driver for SQL Server to connect to a sql server database it fails. Everything builds OK with Ant, but once I type standalone I get a flood of errors, starting with:

    Warning: Server connection pool failed to connect to DataSource named source1