IONA Orbix E2A AppServer Platform 5.1 Released


News: IONA Orbix E2A AppServer Platform 5.1 Released

  1. IONA Orbix E2A Application Server Platform 5.1 is now available for download. Orbix E2A combines a fully certified J2EE application server, the most widely deployed CORBA ORB, and a Web services development and deployment environment.

    This release adds the following new features:

    - J2EE 1.3 functionality including EJB 2.0 with Message Driven Beans, Servlets 2.3, and JSP 1.2 support
    - JMS support
    - Transparent Enterprise Deployment to add enterprise qualities of service at run-time simply through configuration
    - CORBA Telecom Logging Specification support
    - CORBA Trader Service support
    - Improved Web Services Support

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  2. Since IONA bought ORBacus some time ago: Does anybody know whether the underlying ORB is ORBIX or ORBacus?

  3. The underlying ORB is still Orbix 2000, which is a POA based (CORBA 2.4) ORB.
  4. That's bad news - having used earlier ORBIX releases in the past, they always had major problems regarding performance and stability. ORBacus, on the other hand, was very fast and reliable.
  5. No -- Orbix 2000 is pretty good. It's very stable and it's quite fast.

    Orbix (particularly the 2.x versions) were definitely buggy. However, Orbix 2000 is a completely different ORB than Orbix 2.x/3.x -- it's a rewrite from the ground up. It is as reliable as ORBacus, believe it or not.

    That's not to say ORBacus isn't an absolutely excellent product -- it is. But Orbix 2000 is very good too. In fact Orbix 3.3 isn't too bad any more, but Orbix 2.x had some really big bugs. Sort of like the ones you encounter in WebLogic when you select 'IIOP' for the protocol instead of T3 ;-)

  6. Most deployed? I think Visibroker takes that award by being deployed with every copy of Netscape 4.x and earlier. Albeit only version 2.5 or something, but IONA certainly isn't the most deployed!
  7. c'mon... having the .jar file included with Netscape isn't "deployed." Nobody ever used it.

    If that's your criteria the JDK ORB would be the "most deployed." However it's almost never used for real applications (it's a reference ORB, and they admit as such).