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    ECperf talks about BBops but never defines exactly what it means, Business Operations/second as near as I can figure, but does that mean transactions saved to the datastore?

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    BBops just means Benchmark Business OPerationS - the metric used by the spec is called BBops/min, and is composed of the total number of business transactions completed in the customer domain, plus the total number of workorders completed in the manufactoring domain, per minute.

    A business transaction is a unit of work initiated by the driver and may involve more than one remote method calls on EJBs.

    Regards, Lars
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    I have also myself hardly trying to understand what a bbops would mean in real life. Actually, I'm interested in how many http request I can serve on my server with orion. And also if the numbers that I obtain are low or high for the configuration I used.
    I find for this bbops unusable. What benchmark/study should I use for reference ? Would I be able to make a relation between bbops and plain http requests/second ?
    Yes, I know it depends highly on the business logic.

    Stefan Morcov