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    Is possible to obtain the source ip address of the client that is making the call to the ejb?
  2. Hi Sivamurugan,

    I persume that there is no method availble in EJB to find out the calling client. But if you happen to see the access.log written by Weblogic, he will list out all the users who have accessed the files deployed in the weblogic. In weblogic, he considered all the request as HTTP request( even the bean call) and find out the remote user.

    I hope this will clarify ur doubt.


  3. Thanks Ponnss. Weblogic logs source ip address, if we use http tunneling. This something next version of specification can include, so that ejb container can pass this info to bean via EJBContext. right?. It is not a big problem for the container to provide source ip to Bean, because they already have this info.
    Thanks again.