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    Heloo Java Gurus,

    I am trying to run deploytool but its not showing me any User Interface at all. The J2EE server is running perfectly. I want to deploy EJB. Java_Home and J2EE_Home is set perfectly alright.

    When i type deploytool on command prompt it shows me the J2EE Image and after that its comes with nullpointerexception and doesn;t show me any GUI so that i can deployee my EJB.

    Plzz help what to do ?


  2. Use the command line interface :)

    More info via
    > deploytool -help

    Cheers, Lars
  3. Its not working at all. Yesterday it was working i just uninstalled the j2EE and Installed it again and its not working at all.

    J2EE server has started but deploytool is not wokring at all. The Application Deployment Tool is not working i can;t even see the GUI mode of deploytool.

    Plzz help me :((
  4. Well, that the GUI is not working does not mean you are not able to deploy your beans with it :)

    Frankly, the GUI is the last thing you need.

    I guess you checked your PATH and CLASSPATH settings?

    Otherwise your description of the problem is a bit fuzzy...
  5. I am using windows 2000 Advance server. In one Dos instance i start j2ee and it runs successfully. The i open a second Dos instance and type the command deploytool. it says it starting but after sometime it shows Nullpointerexpetion and lots of exceptions and eos not show any interface to deploy my Bean.

    i am using j2sdkee1.2.1 and Jdk1.2.1.

    Yestereday i was able to deploy the EJb Successfully with same SDK;s and when i staretd compiling the EJB after deploying it ti gace me error message and then i though i should reinstall the JDK and J2sdkee and now i am stuck with this problme.


    Plzz help me

  6. What version of j2eeSDK are you running?

    I've had sucess with deploytool for 1.3 version.
    Had to edit the deploytool.bat and statically set J2EE_HOME and JAVA_HOME vars. For whatever reason their setenv script was a loser on win 2k cmd.