TheServerSide J2EE Community Celebrates Second Birthday


News: TheServerSide J2EE Community Celebrates Second Birthday

  1. On May 17 2000, The Middleware Company launched Exactly two years later, TheServerSide J2EE Community has grown to almost 180 000 members. TheServerSide has given birth to two new books, has been the home of ECperf, and has hosted the popular Hard Core Tech Talks.

    "One of our goals throughout all of this was to create a place that the J2EE community could unite around.
    We've brought the movers of this technology to the developers through our Hard Core Tech Talks. Through our Patterns and Discussions forums, we've brought developers together to a place where their knowledge can be pooled. Through our careful news harvesting, we've provided a focused and relevant forum where the voices of all the different players in the J2EE community can be heard. Through our growing archive of technical articles, we've seeked to provide a source of education."

    "And of course we could not have done this without you, members of, who have driven
    the effectiveness of all the different parts of this site."

    "This truly is a place by the J2EE community, for the J2EE community. Thank you everybody, and Happy Two Year Birthday to TheServerSide."

    Floyd Marinescu
    Director of
    Author EJB Design Patterns
    The Middleware Company

  2. Great job guys. keep up the good work.
  3. Thanks a lot and congratulations
    Gracias y feliz aniversario
  4. It's the celebration of great jobs that great guys have done...
    Best wishes for the future !!!

  5. congratulations, this is undoubtedly the best j2ee site out there, ive been coming here on a daily basis for 1 1/2 years.

    keep up the good work

    morten wilken

  6. Congratulations ,
    I agree with Morten , is number one
    in J2EE community.
    I always start my working day by visiting
    your site.

    Alireza Taherkordi
  7. Hi,

    I still remember the days when this site was in its infancy. The days when a colleague would set his coffee mug on my desk and say, "Oh yeah, that site. Another wannabee..."

    TheServerSide has come a long way since then. From being just another J2EE site to being THE J2EE site.

    The vision, the execution, the commitment to bringing the community together - I think that's remained excellent all throughout.

    So all I have to really say is - Thanks. A Lot.

    Sandeep Dath
  8. Hi Floyd and TSS Group,

    Many congratulations for the great work you are doing for J2EE community. I have been member of the site almost from its inception and have been very much impressed by the way this site has taken shape.

    This site is the home page in my browser and I wont miss to browse this site everyday.

    Thank you all very much for the information and resources, and especially the discussion forums.

    Keep up the good work and expecting the same in the future.

    Congrats once again
    Three Cheers
  9. Congratulations!

    I've come to trust this site as the best source of J2EE information and, as such, is one of the most important tools in my daily work.

    Thank you very much,
    Fernando Olcoz
  10. But how did you celebrate?[ Go to top ]

    Cmon, you can tell us! Did Ed Roman get down (and stay down)? Did Floyd have many Floorfloppers? Too many?

    No postings Monday because you're too hungover? Tell us!
  11. But how did you celebrate?[ Go to top ]


    "Oh yeah, that site. Another wannabee..."

       Hehehe, thats funny. Yes when TSS first started, it didn't look like there was room for another major java site (with Javaworld, developerworks, java lobby, etc around).

       The funny thing is that now I see a lot of other and new sites copying various things TSS has done. Now they are the 'wannabees'. :)


    "Did Ed Roman get down (and stay down)? Did Floyd have many Floorfloppers? Too many?"

        Yes I had my share of drinks this weekend, thanks for asking. I hope you did too! :)


        Thanks again for your great comments and for being such loyal members!

  12. But how did you celebrate?[ Go to top ]

    "Yes I had my share of drinks this weekend, thanks for asking. I hope you did too! :)"

    A few glasses of wine is about my speed these days, sad to say.

  13. thanx a lot Floyd and others !
    I visit you'r site every day too.

  14. >> THE J2EE site.
    congratulations to all you for your great work

  15. If SUN invented the J2EE framework you guys make it happen. I am also one of the addicted-:) member of TSS since last two years. Thanks a lot for this great site!!

  16. Hi Floyd and his Group,

    congratulations ..
    It really helps me a lot for updating in this competitive knowledge based industry. I use to visit this site on daily basis from past 1+ year.
    thanks one and all how made this idea work out....