BroadVision Portal 7 Launched; Supports Major J2EE App. Servers


News: BroadVision Portal 7 Launched; Supports Major J2EE App. Servers

  1. BroadVision this week launched a series of business portal applications, comprising 'BroadVision 7', designed to tie together its personalization, portal, commerce, and CM (content management) technologies. Both One-To-One Portal and One-To-One Commerce run on BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere, with support for Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) and Oracle 9iAS planned for the future.

    Read news report on InfoWorld "BroadVision zeroes in on portal applications"

    Learn more about BroadVision 7

  2. woo......
  3. great.....
  4. This might not mean much for most people, but for those of us already infected with the broadvision virus, the idea of being able to use a real app server instead of the bastardized tomcat that bv 6 ships with is actually pretty cool. However, if history is any indication, I have little confidence that this new release will pull bv out of their hole.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Vignette support this app server requirement over a year ago ? Surely BV have missed the boat.
  6. Keep up the could still be using BV 3,4 with the C++ templates and CORBA servers (actually the BV task manager in 6.x still supports dispatching requests to this idiom)

    Be glad that BV is attempting to get out of the AppServer market as Gartner, et al predicted they would in late 2000

    Ex-BV user and sympathizer
  7. One of our project need is to integrate IIS with Broadvision.

    Can anybody provide any mateiral(Write up) or clue for integration of the same.