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    Hi !

    Iam developing an application based on Struts framework, Iam new to it. Here goes my question,

    I have two functionalities, one is the save functionality and the other one is edit. I got to save/edit the values available in the Jsp form. In the action class, when should I populate the form and when should I get the form values. I don't know exactly the relationship between action class and action form class
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    Instead of trying to provide enough details in this reply and not doing a good job, you really should download chapter 3 and maybe 5 from my Struts book project. The draft chapters are available right here on this site:


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    Accepting Chuck's point that you should really read a bit more in this subject before proceeding much further, here are a few key points:

    * You should create a action form bean that maps onto the fields on your form (taking care to ensure that getters and setters have the correct names).

    * You should use struts custom tags to populate your jsp page

    * Struts will take care of putting the data back into your form bean

    As well as Check's book, there is a significant amount of documentation on the Apache struts site: