Sitraka Announces JProbe 4.0 Suite


News: Sitraka Announces JProbe 4.0 Suite

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    Sitraka today that JProbe 4.0 is now shipping. The JProbe Suite includes a Java profiler as well as tools for memory debugging, thread analysis, and code coverage. JProbe 4 features new investigative features such as heap snapshot differencing, new application server and IDE integration tools, JDK 1.4, and more.

    Check out JProbe 4.

    Press Release
    TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 21, 2002--Sitraka, a proven leader in J2EE Performance Assurance, announced today that Sitraka JProbe(TM) 4.0 is now shipping. With new investigative features such as heap snapshot differencing, new application server and IDE integration tools and enhanced platform and environment support including support for Sun Microsystems' Java(TM) 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.4, JProbe offers customers the most comprehensive performance tuning toolkit available for diagnosing and eliminating code errors and inefficiencies in Java applications.

        JProbe provides powerful Java-based performance profiling, memory debugging, code coverage and thread analysis capabilities in one conveniently integrated suite. Painting graphical pictures of everything from memory usage to calling relationships, JProbe helps developers to understand precisely what is causing problems in Java applications-right down to the offending line of source code.

        "For Sitraka JProbe customers worldwide, J2EE application performance is of paramount importance to maintaining a healthy bottom line," said Jeff Zado, director, JProbe product management, Sitraka. "Sitraka customers rely on JProbe to provide deep diagnostic visibility into J2EE applications. Our recent Jolt Award win validates our mission to provide the tools that help developers achieve more."

        Sitraka JProbe was recently awarded the 2002 Software Development Magazine Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Award in the Utilities category. The Jolt Awards are given to products that have "jolted" the industry with their significance and made the difficult task of creating corporate software faster, easier and more efficient.

        JProbe integrates with Sitraka PerformaSure, a transaction-centric performance diagnosis tool for analyzing multi-tiered Java applications in pre-production. JProbe and PerformaSure together form a highly targeted Performance Assurance solution. With PerformaSure, pre-production testing teams can accelerate problem resolution by rapidly pinpointing the source of problems within an assembled J2EE system. When the performance problem originates in the application code itself, JProbe complements PerformaSure by providing a further layer of diagnostics, right down to the offending line of code. Customers benefit from seamless J2EE analysis that dramatically speeds time-to-repair.

        Pricing and Availability

        For more information on JProbe, please visit: For a custom quote or to arrange an evaluation, please contact Sitraka's sales department at 1-800-663-4723 or by e-mail at sales at sitraka dot com.

        About Sitraka

        A proven leader in Java Performance Assurance, Sitraka delivers advanced diagnostic solutions that help companies to pinpoint and eliminate performance hazards in mission-critical Java applications. Sitraka products include PerformaSure, a transaction-centric Java diagnosis solution, JProbe performance tuning tools, JClass Java components and DeployDirector, a Java application deployment solution. Through industry partnerships with companies such as IBM, BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems and Mercury Interactive, Sitraka ensures that our products integrate seamlessly with the latest development environments and platforms. Sitraka products are sold and supported directly through our North American headquarters in Toronto, European headquarters in Amsterdam and global network of resellers. Visit Sitraka on the Web at

        Note: Sitraka, PerformaSure, JProbe, JClass and DeployDirector are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sitraka Inc. Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun Logo, Java, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
  2. JProbe is sooo much nicer than OptimizeIt... No matter what kind of a deal Borland start offering I'm going to stick with Sitraka.
  3. I must agree that JProbe usability and feature set is really great. My big problem is that the instrumented application does not run stable. Usually the WebLogic instance core dumps after an hour or two, sometimes even earlier. I had the same problem with JProbe 3.x, really to bad. Maybe I will give OptimizeIt a try now...

  4. Another good example of why not to use Java to write fat client apps. You grow old while using it. Java GUIs suck!!!!
  5. What was the example?
  6. JProbe
  7. It depends on your skill as a programmer. JProbe for example has a really sophisticated GUI. If you refer to my mention of stability problems I'd rather accuse JPDA than the JProbe GUI...
  8. Take a look at BugSeeker2 from karmira ( if you want to see a well done Java Application.
  9. Take a look at BugSeeker2 from karmira ( if you want to see a well done Java Application.