Desing Patterns & Architecture behind The Server Side


TSS feedback: Desing Patterns & Architecture behind The Server Side

  1. Floyd:
    Just went thru ur lovely presentation on the Architecture of "". It is good. It gives a good insight into the effort u ppl. have put into making this site. The idea behind it is gr8 as well as the technology behind it. Cheers to u and ur team. The document also has a good mood, with small smiley's
    People do go thru it in ur leisure time. Worth reading and also wont take much time. (Though i guess it is targeted towards beginners..... :-)
  2. I am interested in the document as well. Can somebody kindly point me to the URL where the document is ?
    Thanks much in advance.
    -Sunil Kuchipudi
  3. Hi Sunil:
    Its available under "Resources".
    Just in case u want the exact url it is:

  4. This is just a test.
  5. Thank you very much Pankaj!

       I am going to try to do the talk again at Java One, this time expanding on lessons learned over the last 4 months and the architecture of new features added since launch.

       Yes, the talk was oriented towards beginners, because EJB programming was so new, I could not assume that everyone coming to my talk would know EJB.

      thanks for your excellent comments!

  6. Nice Work Floyd !!
  7. Make no mistake about it.. was hardly a team effort. Floyd took on the web site almost completely on his own. He wrote the web site, wrote most of the content, and marketed it by himself. Just goes to show you what one driven man is capable of :)
  8. Thanks Ed!
  9. Way to go Floyd! You've got it! Cheers!