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    Hi all Java guru's,

    I am a programmer moving from another programming language into the Java world. I have been reading couple of books on Java and then recently read the book on Servlets by Jason Hunter ( he seem's to be quite popular).

    I swear the Java market is so complicated for a new comer to understand. So many companies with each one having there own tools/softwares and everyone talking their own lanugage.

    Anyway, I want to be able to code, and test servlets on a windows 98 desktop that I have at home and I am trying to figure out what all software(s) I need to be able to do that. I have gone thru this discussion forum and got some answers but none which are clear and complete. Some give incomplete software or tool names which are not there on sun's website.

    I am looking for tool(s) which are free or are evaluation copies as I will be doing this at home as a learning thing and can't afford to buy one.

    Here's what I already got::

    1. Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.3
    2. Forte for Java, Community Edition v1.0
    3. Microsoft Personal Webserver ( don't know what this is for !!)
    4. JRUN 3.0 with the JRE for Windows 98/95.

    So please tell me if I have got the required tools and what each one is for.
    Also please tell me what else i need to be able to connect to a Microsoft Access database. Some say I need the JDBC drivers.

    I was not sure if just having Java 2 SDK will let me complie my servlets, because as of now i have installed the tools 1, 2 and 3 on my machine and I was not able to find the servlets.jar and jsp.jar files, which I believe u need to code servlet's and java server pages. I am hoping that those are there in JRUN.

    Also I am not quite sure why I need Microsoft Personal Webserver, as JRUN is also a webserver. From what a friend of mine told I understand that JRUN is an appserver ( i don't believe that) and that PWS is a webserver. He says from the HTML page the request goes to PWS and it has some kind of patch in it which tells it that if it is a .jsp or a servlet, send that to JRUN appserver to process it.
    Please don't laugh if this sounds outrageous, hey I am still a java newbie.

    Hope to hear from the guru's soon.

  2. Hi Navin

    u r right u do not need PWS. JRun is sufficient and it is an application server. But u do not need to have a web server separatly.

    Although i am unable to understand your requirements but u can install jrun. The servlets tht u wll create : save their class files in the servlets directory wch u wll find under Program Files\Allaire\JRun.
    Thn type at ie - http://localhost:8100/servlet/(name of yr servlet)

    Good Luck
  3. Hi Rakesh,

    Thanks for the reply. So you are telling I DO NOT need the Microsoft Personal Webserver.
    Just JRUN ( which is an application server) will be enough to code and test out the Servlets.

    My requirements are nothing commercial, I am trying to learn Servlets and wanted to figure out the right environment to be able to do so.

    So what about the connectivity to Microsoft Access database. What else do I need to let JRUN and Microsoft Access to talk to each other ?

    And just out of curiosity, if JRUN is an appserver, where does the webserver fit in. What is the purpose of having a webserver ?

  4. yeh no need of pws server jRun utility is sufficient to run servlets and jsp programms.or better u use javawebserver
    mainly developed for servlets and it is easy than jrun utility and jws is a sun product and easy to set the classpath also...
  5. I thought of downloading Java Webserver, but it has only a 30 day license. I installed JRUN and was able to run some sample servlet.
    Yes, it is very complicated to understand. There was some connector utility in it, which it said could be used to create a connection between a webserver and the appserver i.e JRUN.

    Once again, how can i connect JRUN with Microsoft Access.

  6. Connecting to Access is the same as it would be for 'any' server-side language, ODBC. If you haven't done this in another language yet, then I suggest you go seek more information before writing any code. A good place to get started is here : http://java.sun.com/products/jdk/1.2/docs/guide/jdbc/index.html

    Hope this helps, and gook luck!
    Joe Sircy
  7. Look up using the JDBC-ODBC Bridge. The tutorial that you were pointed at should have a lot of information on how to use JDBC. Its not that confusing (servlets I mean). Look at some of the simple ones shipped with JRun for help.

    And BTW any servlet book will tell you exactly what software to use and how to code up the simple servlets.

    Just remember... just like the little train... YOU CAN DO IT! -- Yes the quote is from the waterboy.