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    Hello All :

       I am looking for a report generation engine for Java. The report generation engine I am looking for should at least have ...

           1) Generate reports in HTML,PDF,RTF and other
              formats as well.
           2) Have the flexibility to use templates so that it
              can generate different reports from the same
              data. Also it will make it easier to maintain
              report layout as a non-programmer can change the
              look-and-feel of the template and not change the
              source code.

           3) It should generate reports with high PERFORMANCE
              since the database it is going to generate
              reports from is growing day-by-day.
       Also , the datase we are using is DB2 and the platform it is going to run on is Windows NT / 2000 .It will be good if the report generator can run on any OS since in the future we will probably move it to an AIX box depending on the load.
       Any pointers , suggestions and advice will be really helpfull.

    Bhabesh Patel

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  2. Java Report Engine !![ Go to top ] have a java report designer called e.Report Designer Java Edition. It should meet your requirements
  3. Java Report Engine !![ Go to top ]

    Hello; can do all of this very quickly.

    thanks - dave