Will JBoss can impose threat to the other Appservers????


General J2EE: Will JBoss can impose threat to the other Appservers????

  1. Hi,
       I am planning to recommend the Jboss as the environment for our application,instead of the frastuating experience
     with this while configuring it.To be frank enough I am still not able to configure this properly but what makes
     me to recommend it is its open source and the startup
     time it takes all the services.It has been very disappointing for me to wait for the other app servers to
     start services.
     No doubt in weblogic,websphere,orion and list goes on
     there is better management tools and help but for the
     people who would like to get the root of the working the
     free source is ultimate.I have also tried to downloaded the source for the jboss and am regularly watching its codes.
     In a way the Jboss helps not only for the develoment but
     for the understanding what is going on(I can think how difficult it is to understand the code which you dont create but once you start it becomes easy then).
     Also there are lots of professional whacking there brain
     to improve the Jboss in the app server market.But one question remains there how long the Jboss will remain freely available app server?My experience with the weblogic,
     orion,pramati was also great but I can judge the Jboss
     chasing all these and can impose threat to them.Any difference of opinion????
     Hope to get the experienced views from the professionals.
    regards vickyk
  2. Hi,
      I have used JBOSS for the development environment but not for the production environment. Ofcourse its bit difficult in the beginning to configure JBOSS. Even though Jboss is open source the documentation is not available for free :-). The jboss people charge money for the latest documentation.I feel that if your application is not that big and mission critical then you can go for it.

    Any other thoughts ?
  3. We use JBoss in production, and we find it robust, and easy to configure. Sure, it's not Websphere, with all the fancy configuration interfaces. You gotta edit config files. But I prefer that anyway.

    We like it quite a bit.