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    Hey guys,

    I've been doing JSPs for a certain period of time and now I'm almost sick with it.
    Maybe JSP taglibs make life a bit easier, but they're bringing huge overhead.
    Moreover, taglibs are not the siver bullet that really can eliminate Java code in a real complex case.

    So far I'm looking for a java-based alternative to JSPs. So far I can see only one approach that completely decouples data from presentation - XSLT. But unfortunately it seems to be pretty slow :-(

    I've looked at Jakarta Velocity, well, could work - but what about performance and true flexibility?
    Does anyone has experience with alternative technologies? Even sharing negative experience is greatly appreciated (just saves some time :-))

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    Have a look at Freemarker

    I used it on my last large project, and it performed admirably. It is similar in concept to Velocity, but is far superior in terms of functionality.
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    Docland Software has developed a new component based approach to building presentation layers. It utilises XML and applies some object oriented ideas. It's aimed at complementing JSP and servlet based development by enabling developers to factor the presentation layer into reusable components (of XML or well formed HTML). This solution is "lighter" than XSLT and a bit more obvious to OO developers.

    Our solution - "DXe" - post-processes the output of servlets (or JSPs) and assembles web pages by merging servlet/jsps by merging all the pages together - at its simplest level its like server include files, only our solution leverags the innate structure of XML to deliver a much more flexible tool.

    We have just posted a
    white paper on this technique and I'd appreciate any comments on this.
    Thanks Garrett (Docland Software