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    Hi !
    I use struts framework for my application, and Iam new to it. Here goes my question.

    I have a ArrayList having LabelValueBean elements in it in my jsp. Using <logic:iterate> I populate checkbox using multibox. In my action form class, I have a Vector containing a collection of user defined object. In multibox, I've refered the 'property' attribute to the Vector (of action class).

    1. When I invoke the JSP from browser, all the checkboxes are getting populated, but when I check (even one) and submit, Iam getting 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException'. What is the problem. Is it the problem of
    (i) mismatch between ArrayList (in JSP) and Vector (in action form)
    (ii) mismatch between the content of ArrayList(LabelValueBean) and Vector(User defined Object).

    2. How to pass more than one parameter into the <html:link> tag using Map. Any sample code for this is appreciated. I se paramId, paramName for passing one parameter, but I got to use more than one.

    3. How to pass same action form between action classes.


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    From what I understand the multibox works on java arrays, and not collections (ie. String[]).