I am using JBoss jboss-3.0.0RC3_tomcat-4.0.3 and am using CMP 2.0 for persistancy management. The database we are using is Oracle 8.1.x.

JBoss CMP2.0 like probably most J2EE implementations caches the state of entity beans. Now when the database, where the entity beans are actually stored get changed, by some other tool, then through the application server, like a legacy application, sqlplus, or whatever, the Persistance Management (CMP2.0) is not aware of this. This leads to unconsistent states of entity bean with regard to the database and may lead to database failures, when writing to the database (Duplicate Key, Finder Exception etc.).

I assume this is quite a common problem and that there are means and ways to solve these problems? Any hints or links whould greatly be appreciated.

Thanx Chris