Announcing J-ASP, ASP to JSP Migration Tool


News: Announcing J-ASP, ASP to JSP Migration Tool

  1. Announcing J-ASP, ASP to JSP Migration Tool (8 messages)

    J-ASP can convert ASP(Active Server Page) application to JSP(Java Server Page). It makes the ASP application run on any webserver which supports JSP/Servet containers.

    J-ASP has been extensively tested with Apache Tomcat 3.x / 4.x, IBM WebSphere 4.0, BEA WebLogic 6.1, iPlanet 6.

    Check out J-ASP.
  2. how does it handle ugly windows DLL's?
    anyone used this?
  3. J-ASP can't handle the DLLs, it does support the JavaBean/EJB/Java Classes. we strongly recommend using JavaBean/EJB instead of the DLLs.
  4. <Davis>
    J-ASP can't handle the DLLs, it does support the JavaBean/EJB/Java Classes. we strongly recommend using JavaBean/EJB instead of the DLLs.


    If you have to use JavaBeans/EJBs/Classes how does it convert ASP pages to JSP? A major component to most ASP sites is backend DLL's... If you are unable to migrate these often core components what am I really getting out of your tool?

    Greg Peres
  5. J-ASP supports ASP core Objects,such as ASP Build-in, Installable, FileSystemOblect and ADO etc. But it can't support others ActiveX/COM object.

    For example:
     create an object 'Hello.World':
      set hellworld = Server.CreateObject("Hello.World")
    For J-ASP, which is written in Java, it doesn't know what is the 'Hello.World' ActiveX/COM. But if you have a 'Hello.World' class can be found in CLASSPATH when run J-ASP. Above VBScript code will be converted to following:
     Hello.World helloworld = null;
     helloworld = new Hello.World();
  6. Check out
    for another alternative. Have been trying it and works fine
  7. Yes. I known Oracle9iAS Migration Kit for ASP supports the COM/COM+. But if want to run ASP with COM/COM+ on UNIX, Oracle9iAS Migration Kit still need a WINDOWS machine to run the COM/COM+.

    If the ASP application is runing on UNIX with OC4J and still need A WINDOWS machine to support COM/COM+, I don't think this is good. how do you think ? Please feel free to contact me at asp2jsp at netcoole dot com.
  8. Oracle´s migration kitt is intented to be used as a dcom integration tool (i know, "migration kit" might not be an addecuate name). You don´t want to throw all your dcom and ado libraries away (you may have paid quite a lot for them). The asp migration kit will allow you to use them in a J2EE environment and extend functionality inside the J2EE box (which is soooo good for ya) while mantaining the MS "legacy" :-) libraries that you (unfourtunately) bought. There is no feasible way to migrate the dcom objects to rmi interfaces with all the code "automatically" reimplemented. What you could do (if you are really thinking about throwing away all the ms stuff) is use the jsp skeletons created with the migration tool and refactor your logic in the underlaying java beans yourself...You would have to match up dcom logic to your own bean implementation. Just my opinion: A complete new development proccess would be probabibly a better approach if you really wanted to throw all your com libraries away.
  9. There is no tool and there can never be a single tool which can convert things like asp to jsp with clases etc in any of the side. These tools always do a stupid conversion and convert abt half of the things and put the user in such a state where in either u have to call up the support of the tools or re do the whole thing manually.
       There are so many companies like cacheon, oracle 9 etc. Try these tools on some real enterprize applications, u would be frustated to look at the job they do. ( make sure u get an eval license of these tools and never buy one :) )
       All these companies making these tools are soon going to join the dot gone list ..