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    What is the advantage of using EJB+JSP for a web ticket selling application instead of using PHP?

    Can Java support more customer hits compare to PHP?
    Is EJB+JSP better than PHP? Why?

  2. It depends on the kind of application you´re doing. If your just designing a very small application, with few changes in the business rules and database schema, than maybe PHP is better for you.
  3. Hi,

    That's right. PHP is a server-side scripting language while Java gives you a much greater programming support. for example doesn't divide the view from the business logic. That a really important concept because it enables the system to be run in bigger environments. Scalability is the word! Another reason pro EJB+JSP is the abilty to maintain your software in a much more professional way.

    I use PHP for little web projects, but when setting up serious and critical business applications, there will always be the decision to use J2EE instead.