Hi All,

I am developing an application using the following architecture

1. All the requests are sent to the router
2. The router may forward the request to a controller servlet that updates the database if needed or directly forward the request to the corresponding jsp
3. The controller servlet if called, updates the db and forwards the request to the jsp.

All the forwards are using RequestDispatcher. The application server is Webpshere Application Server 4.0.

I note the start and end time of all the three. However if I check the time taken for JSP it comes to 1.98 seconds but that of the router comes to 5 seconds

06/13/2002 10:45:22 [PERFORMANCE] class com.supervalu.servlet.SVRouterServlet service None Router Service started at 1023983122335
06/13/2002 10:45:22 [PERFORMANCE] class _SVWarehouseSchedule_jsp_0 jsp service hxjxd0 Beginning Service at 1023983122338
06/13/2002 10:45:24 [PERFORMANCE] class _SVWarehouseSchedule_jsp_0 jsp service hxjxd0 Service Completed at 1023983124323
06/13/2002 10:45:27 [PERFORMANCE] class com.supervalu.servlet.SVRouterServlet service None Router Service completed at 1023983127872


Note here that the start time are almost the same and the second last statement in the router is forward with log statement ("Router Service completed ") being the last one.

The only thing that I can think of is the RequestDispatcher in this case. Has anyone faced this kind of problem before ?