Help! How to access a cluster node with MSFT JDBC driver?


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  1. Hi, I tried to use your Microsoft JDBC driver to access a SQL server 2000 database on one of the node in a cluster server.

    The node can be accessed as cluster1\server1 from SQL server enterprise manager.

    However, I have trouble to access it with JDBC driver, I tried different options, but I can't find the right syntax to create the connection.

    here are some JDBC URL syntaxes I have tried




    None of them works
    Could you help me with that? What's the correct URL syntax?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Hello,

    What about jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://cluster1\server1;SelectMethod=cursor;User=x;Password=Y?

    I personally did not test this; but a normal URL looks like:

    jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://host:port, as you probably know. It is important to include 'SelectMethod=cursor' property, if you use transactions or multiple statements per connection!

    Hope this helps,

    Sergei Batiuk.