Learn Enterprise Java this summer and get a free $300 gift


News: Learn Enterprise Java this summer and get a free $300 gift


    AUSTIN, TX (BUSINESS WIRE) — June 12, 2002 — The Middleware Company, the leading provider of enterprise Java training and consulting, today announced a special promotion for summer Enterprise Java training courses. Students who register for any course happening in July, August, or September will receive a free $300 gift certificate to Best Buy.

    This gift certificate can be used to purchase anything that Amazon.com has to offer. Examples include..

    * Playing head-to-head games on a new X-box
    * Taking classy photos on a new digital camera
    * Getting a state-of-the-art Wireless LAN router for a home
    * Grooving to tunes on a portable MP3 player

    The Middleware Company is giving away these gift certificates as a special one-time summer promotion. The gift certificates serve as an extra benefit and reward for students to look forward to when they complete a 5-day intensive course on a subject that interests them.

    The summer schedule is now available for immediate registration. Students may choose from any of the following classes:

    EJB Essentials
    July 22-26, Denver CO
    Aug 5-9, Toronto Canada
    Aug 26-30, London England
    Aug 26-30, Munich Germany
    Sep 23-27, New York NY
    Sep 30-Oct 4, Chicago IL

    EJB for Architects
    July 22-26, Boston MA
    July 22-26, Dallas TX
    July 29-Aug 2, Chicago IL
    Aug 5-9, San Francisco CA
    Aug 5-9, Washington DC
    Aug 19-23, Atlanta GA
    Sep 2-6, London England
    Sep 2-6, Munich Germany
    Sep 23-27, Toronto Canada

    XML & Web Services
    July 29-Aug 2, Washington DC
    Sep 30-Oct 4, Atlanta GA

    These classes can help accelerate developers' careers, as well as help their companies' projects. With well-trained Enterprise Java programmers, organizations have a greater chance of getting projects completed faster, having well-architected systems, and successful projects. Because of this, often times organizations sponsor their developers to register into these classes.

    If you are a developer that may be interested, consider speaking to your manager about registering into our classes. You can find out more by visiting us on the web at:


    You can also email us at:


    Or you can call (877) 866-JAVA.


    The Middleware Company specializes in advanced enterprise Java technology training and consulting. Founded in 1998 to assist corporations migrating to the Java platform to improve the success of e-Commerce projects, it helps among the world's largest organizations including BEA, Oracle, Borland/Inprise, Cisco, Nextel, MetLife, Sterling Commerce, Standard & Poors, and many others to reduce risks and sustain cost-efficiency by building proficiency in a Java expertise. Instructors are expert architects with deep development experience and strong server-side skills, as well as notable thought leaders in the field. Services include on-site training in Java, EJB, J2EE, and XML-based Web Services, architecture consulting, and open enrollment courses held worldwide. Courseware is licensed outside North America. The Middleware Company also built and maintains TheServerSide.com, the leading online J2EE community.

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