could I use EJB in mission-critical task,like telecom realtime b


EJB programming & troubleshooting: could I use EJB in mission-critical task,like telecom realtime b

  1. We will begin a project about telecom billing.The key point of the project is the realtime billing,which is must be processed

    with high speed and efficiency.We have a plan to use Tuxedo on which to run some services coded by c lanaguage.Other

    management facilities and interfaces with other system could be built by java(EJB).

    Now ,I am wonder why couldn't we using EJB in billing task ? Is there any success story about using EJB model to build

    mission-citical system? or is EJB good for that?

  2. In general, the answer is that they are not good for near real-time applications.

    They are just too slow with all the communications overhead and the extra code in place required for such a generalized solution framework.

    That being said, if you break away from traditional technology approach and go with something like Versant enJin you can do it. enJin takes a SessionBean talking to JDO objects being stored in the Versant OODB. This approach to allows you to achieve storage and retrieval at rates impossible with an RDB behind your model.

    A spinoff from Lockheed, Neustar has a billing system for Telecom called CARE that is using the Versant enJin product with Weblogic. I think thay achieve realtime billing transactions through enJin and then batch processes out to a PeopleSoft invoicing system.